Tailored Solutions Meet Your Varied Needs

Industrial settings can present a host of lighting challenges. Each of the varied locations has different lighting needs. Primary applications include Manufacturing, Logistics/Warehousing Operations, Industrial Zones, Hazardous Facilities, Cold Storage, and Food Processing. We offer specifically tailored energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for each of these varied settings.
“Partnering with Tri-State LED to install LED lighting solutions has significantly improved light levels for our employees, while reducing long term operating expenses for our company.”
President, Lattimer Group
Stephen Abernathy

Comprehensive Services

Tri-State LED is much more than delivering products with great ROI. Our commitment to quality and reliability extends beyond our solutions to the service we provide at every point in a project. In fact, our belief in the power, not only of our lighting products, but our people is what distinguishes us — it’s why our partners seek us out.
  • Existing Lighting Audits
  • Material Selection
  • Budget Development
  • Bidding & Negotiating
  • Incentive Procurement
  • Project Management

Expert Solutions

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