Help Customers Feel Welcome

Attractive lighting can transform a retail or hospitality space, making it more inviting and enjoyable for customers. Our LED solutions are easy to implement and can improve visibility, safety and the appearance of a location with recessed lighting, accent and task lighting, as well as lighting for open areas, corridors and parking structures.

“Tri-State LED helped us select high performance LED solutions that have seen noticeable reductions in energy use and costs, resulting in HVAC and maintenance cost savings as well.”

Connecticut Convention Center

Mike Costelli, General Manager

Comprehensive Services

Tri-State LED is much more than delivering products with great ROI. Our commitment to quality and reliability extends beyond our solutions to the service we provide at every point in a project. In fact, our belief in the power, not only of our lighting products, but our people is what distinguishes us — it’s why our partners seek us out.
  • Existing Lighting Audits
  • Material Selection
  • Budget Development
  • Bidding & Negotiating
  • Incentive Procurement
  • Project Management

Expert Solutions

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