Secures New Agreement for Connecticut’s Small Business Energy Advantage Program

JULY 29, 2016

Connecticut’s Latest Energy Efficiency Program, Managed by Eversource, Provides Cost Effective Turnkey Solutions for Small Businesses; Company Continues to Expand Success Within Eversource Energy Efficiency Programs

STAMFORD, CT — (Marketwired) — 09/07/16 — Revolution Lighting Technologies (NASDAQ: RVLT), a leader in advanced LED lighting technology solutions, today announced that its divisions, TNT Energy and Tri-State LED, have been named as program contractors within Eversource’s Small Business Energy Advantage Program (SBEA). As part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, the program is designed to help small businesses with a peak energy demand of less than 200kW per month save money, identifying and offering cost-effective energy efficiency turnkey solutions.

As program contractors, TNT Energy and Tri-State LED will collectively cover the entire state of Connecticut, supporting the state’s 331,000 small businesses with high efficiency LED lighting retrofit opportunities. Tri-State LED will support the south western Connecticut region, consisting of ten municipalities including Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Ridgefield, Stamford, Weston, Westport, and Wilton; TNT Energy’s region will cover all other municipalities within Connecticut.

SBEA Program contractors help small businesses reduce energy costs by identifying and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities, promote education to encourage replacement of existing equipment with high efficiency options and procure financial incentives. The program will address technologies including lighting, controls, HVAC and motor upgrades, refrigeration controls, and other measures to reduce both electric and gas consumption. Access to on-bill, zero-percent financing through Eversource will be available, providing additional avenues for project funding for eligible small business program customers.

Project incentives will play a critical role that could cover up to 50% of qualified project costs to achieve a payback as low as one year, and significantly improve an energy efficiency project’s return on investment. Incentives for the SBEA Program are funded through the “Energize CT” program. In 2016, over $190 million was budgeted for Energize CT’s energy efficiency programs.

“We are pleased to be selected as an SBEA approved contractor, along with Tri-State LED, to continue working with Connecticut’s small businesses, improving their energy efficiency to save money,” said Tim Blanchard, Founder, TNT Energy. “TNT Energy has extensive experience as a long time contractor for Eversource’s Small Business Program within Massachusetts, and we look forward to continuing our success within Connecticut, participating in this latest energy efficiency program.”

“We are excited to be awarded this new agreement with Eversource’s Small Business Energy Advantage Program, continuing to expand our participation in key state energy efficiency retrofit programs to drive future growth and incremental revenue,” said Robert V. LaPenta, CEO and Chairman of Revolution Lighting.

The United States consists of approximately 28 million small businesses, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. LED lighting is approximately 60% more efficient and lasts three times longer than fluorescent lighting, in addition to generating superior light output. On average, small businesses and building owners spend 22% of their annual energy costs on lighting, providing a key opportunity for LED lighting to reduce long term operating and utility costs.

About Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc.

Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, and sale of LED lighting solutions focusing on the industrial, commercial and government markets in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Through advanced LED technologies, Revolution Lighting has created an innovative lighting company that offers a comprehensive advanced product platform of high-quality interior and exterior LED lamps and fixtures, including signage and control systems.

Revolution Lighting is uniquely positioned to act as an expert partner, offering full service lighting solutions through our operating divisions including Energy Source, Value Lighting, Tri-State LED, E- Lighting, All-Around Lighting and TNT Energy to transform lighting into a source of superior energy savings, quality light and well-being. Revolution Lighting Technologies markets and distributes its products through a network of regional and national independent sales representatives and distributors, as well as through energy savings companies and national accounts. Revolution Lighting Technologies trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker RVLT. For more information, please visit and connect with the Company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Source: Revolution Lighting Technologies
Released July 29, 2016