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Many utility companies offer rebates through their Demand Side Management (DSM) programs. These programs are designed to reduce consumption in an effort to maximize the service they provide to their customers.

These incentives can pay for a project in many cases over 50% of the total cost.

However, even in the absence of these incentives, if you have moderate to high electric rates coupled with an operation that runs multi-shifts, you probably have a high impact initiative on your hands.

The Basics of Incentives…

  • Energy demands continue to rise against a relatively fixed capacity.
  • Energy conservation measures are used as a means by the utilities to offset demand increases.
  • Utilities offer incentive rebate programs to stimulate Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s).
  • Typical rebate payments are between 30% and 60% of a turn-key installation.
  • The more comprehensive the projects are, the higher the percentage of incentive you can expect to receive.
  • Rate payers contribute to energy efficiency funds through their utility bills based on facility kWh usage. Rebates are paid from these funds.
  • Utilities contract with Tri-State LED as an authorized project expeditor, or Trade Ally to evaluate and install turn-key energy projects.

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