Reckson Significantly Reduces Energy Costs with Tri-State LED

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Reckson, a division of SL Green Realty Corp., chooses Tri-State LED Tubes to reduce operating expenses for 22 of its Class A commercial suburban office buildings.

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

What you'll learn:

  • Over $234K saved annually.
  • The payback period for the retrofit investment was only 2.75 years.
  • Efficiency for the retrofit areas was improved by 60%.
  • A wide range of product benefits include operational efficiencies, increased safety, and improved sustainability.
  • Our convenient and durable direct wire solutions last 3x longer than fluorescent lighting.

“Installation of Revolution Lighting’s LED tubes is the next step in the advancement of our sustainability program, delivering a Class A experience for our tenants that addresses 24/7 lighting areas, including garage, stair, and mechanical areas, to yield significant cost savings and quick return on investment.”

Director of Sustainability, SL Green Realty Corp. Jay Black

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