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Improve Performance, Safety, and Well-being

Our LED lighting solutions can significantly reduce operating expenses for healthcare facilities through lower energy and maintenance costs while improving safety with glass free solutions and eliminate heavy metals including mercury. LED lighting for administrative areas, waiting rooms, patient rooms, corridors, elevators, and parking structures can also improve the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.

Comprehensive Services

Tri-State LED is much more than delivering products with great ROI. Our commitment to quality and reliability extends beyond our solutions to the service we provide at every point in a project. In fact, our belief in the power, not only of our lighting products, but our people is what distinguishes us — it’s why our partners seek us out.

  • Existing Lighting Audits
  • Material Selection
  • Budget Development
  • Bidding & Negotiating
  • Incentive Procurement
  • Project Management

Expert Solutions

Look through our case studies to learn more about our products.

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Switching to LED lighting for your facility has a significant impact on energy consumption, leading to a compounding return on investment over time.


Total Cost of LED Ownership in New Construction

Learn how we can help you save year after year as a leading Energize CT Small Business Energy Advantage contractor.