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Why do retro-fits present such big energy conservation opportunities?
In recent years, building system technologies have improved dramatically. In some of our installations, loads have been reduced well over 60%. 60% less demand means you pay 60% less. Much of our business is now driven bycontrol strategies that turn lights on or dim them according to occupany or schedules. Motors and HVAC systems can be ramped up or down with the use of different types of sensors and control strategies. As a result of our solutions, energy use is not only reduced and used more efficiently – comfort systems, lighting systems and processes are greatly improved.

What does it cost?
Tri-State LED will provide a no-cost, audit of your facility to identify energy conservation opportunities. We will design a customized analysis that outlines the cost and benefits of various savings opportunities available to you. Contact us today to take the next step with our customized energy audit.

What can I expect to save?
Depending on existing systems, savings of 20% to 50% can be expected. Many of our customers have realized significant decreases in their utility bills.

How quick do projects such as these pay for themselves?
It depends on the specifics related to your projects, but in most cases projects have paid for themselves within 1 – 3 years. Considering the high cost of electricity, the hours of operation and rebate availability, paybacks are typically very low. To learn about some of our past projects, please check out our case studies section.

How can some utility companies offer up to 50% of the cost of a job in the form of a rebate?
Utility companies want to provide reliable service. As a result, they constantly look for ways to reduce the existing load to offset the increased demands. All ratepayers in non-municipal service territories (residential and commercial) pay into an energy conservation fund that is pooled for efficiency projects. These funds are made available for efficiency projects. Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of rebates that you are already paying for?

I’ve dealt with rebates before and it’s always been a difficult process. Will this be difficult as well?
Tri-State LED personnel have been working on behalf of our clients to obtain rebates for over 20 years. Navigating the complex incentive approval process is one of our core competencies and we will capture all applicable incentives for the projects that we implement for you.

I have a busy operation and can’t afford any down time. How much down time will I experience as a result of a retrofit?
Tri-State LED works with you to ensure your operation has no disruption. We’re very experienced in retrofitting existing facilities so our process is “pain free”. Our project managers will work with you to ensure a seamless installation.

Capital spending is tight this year – are there financing alternatives available?
We do offer project financing. More and more of our customers are funding these projects through their operating budgets. It’s not uncommon to have the monthly electric savings exceed the monthly finance payment thus allowing you to recognize a positive cash flow immediately..

What is the Energy Act of 2005 (EPAct)?
EPAct is government legislation that provides another layer of incentive to pursue energy conservation measures. If projects meet certain criteria, you may able to take up to a $1.80 per square foot tax deduction for your project. We understand how to qualify your various projects for EPAct. Currently, EPAct is set to expire on December 31st, 2013.

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