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What is a lighting energy audit?

FREE Comprehensive lighting energy audit and analysis

of your companies existing lighting infrastructure. Tristate LED Lighting's energy auditor will perform a detailed analysis of your current lighting areas and provide your business with a comprehensive report including auditing recommendations and a thorough breakdown of your existing lighting energy consumption and current cost. Tri-State LED Lighting will compare the current lighting energy costs and power consumption of your existing traditional lighting and carefully explain the LED lighting energy retrofit solutions available to you at absolutely NO COST to you at all.

Reduce Power Consumption 50-90%

Quality lighting energy audit! Best professional auditors for quality auditing. Tristate LED Lighting is so confident we can reduce your power consumption by 50-90% that we provide this service with NO Obligation at all! Give us the opportunity to analize your current lighting energy needs and you won't believe the the annual lighting energy you are currently wasting with your existing compact fluorescent tube lights (CFL's) and incandescent light bulbs. We have an extensive knowledge of all energy rebate and incentive programs from state and local agencies as well as most local utility companies. These long lasting relationships allow Tri-State LED Lighting to put together a combined package that will save your the most money possible. Let our energy auditors assist your business in recieving the most energy savings possible. In addition we have LED lighting solutions for every application imaginable.

FREE Lighting Energy Auditing

LED tube lights, LED high bays, LED street and parking lot lights as well as LED high power light bulbs and LED PAR lights for recessed and outdoor flood lights. Contact us to schedule your free lighting energy audit and analysis or discuss your lighting needs in more detail. Energy costs continue to rise, placing ever-greater pressure on home and business. The energy you use to light-up your fixtures is a large part of your carbon footprint. Our professional technicians are trained on how to use the latest technology to identify your business's lighting energy saving opportunities and problems. Once we diagnose your facilities energy consumption we will provide a report that outlines all of your energy saving opportunities and the best LED lighting products to use. Our recommendations will reduce your energy bills, decrease maintenance costs and increase the value of your property.We look foward to saving your company a significant amount of money by retrofitting your current fluorescent lighting (CFL) and incandescent light bulbs with state of the art, energy efficient, eco friendly LED lighting solutions. Don't wait! You have nothing to lose!. It costs you nothing! 

Comprehensive Audit Process

Tri-State LED Lighting's energy audit process will help you improve indoor and outdoor quality of light, maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. Our analytical approach to lighting energy auditing is the best in the business. With years' experience, we are the industry leaders in knowledge, professionalism and service for all necessary audit areas.
Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment are just some of the benefits that will be achieved by a professional FREE lighting energy audit! At Tri-State LED Lighting we are much more than a light bulb supplier. We provide a complete and thorough energy evaluation and utilize only eco-friendly lighting solutions resulting in the maxium saving while producing superior light output.

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