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A comprehensive energy audit of a commercial building can put your business on the path toward dramatically reduced operating costs, creating healthier indoor environments, and providing greater building durability and while maintain or increasing its resale value. Tri-State understands that improved comfort for the building's occupants and visitors, while maintain your operating costs are a win - win for all. 

Commercial buildings are typically more complex than single-family homes, it's critical to hire a qualified energy auditor with the right experience, and the right tools, to get the job done right. 

The Comprehensive Energy Audit is the best method to determine the full scope of issues affecting your commercial buildings energy performance and efficiency. This audit is a detailed inspection of your entire property focusing on all possible areas of energy loss. The Comprehensive Energy Audit covers doors, windows, walls, roof, insulation, heating and air conditioning equipment. Included in this evaluation are the Blower Door and Duct tests. We utilize a thermographic camera as needed to help determine problem areas. An inclusive report detailing our findings and providing recommendations for improvement is then provided.

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Tri-State LED Provides:

  • Comprehensive Energy Audits
  • Lighting System Audits
  • Control Audits

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